Hidden Information - QR Code

Rejtett Információk - QR kód

2011 Spring Course Week Course

Lecturers:   Turcsányi-Szabó Márta ELTE Fac. of Informatics, Team Labor     e-mail: tszmartaATinf.elte.hu
                    Pluhár Zsuzsa ELTE Fac. of Informatics, Team Labor                   e-mail: pluharzsATludens.elte.hu
                    Ruttkay Zsófia MOME Creative Technology Lab,                          e-mail: ruttkayATmome.hu

Time:         daily 9.30-12.50 21 - 25 March 2011
Location:    B101

Web site:   http://create.mome.hu/ruttkay/QR/

Participants and their projects:
Kájel Juci (Media Design V)- QR Recepies
Veruleisvili Alekszandr (Industrial Design V) - QR cube and ideas for other applications
Andre Nogueira da Costa (Animation, ERASMUS student) - QR in AR and Animated QR
Nagy Linda (Media Design III)and Gottler Anna (Media managment MA) - Budapest100 - see photos and watch the documentary film on youtube

See photos about the course and the designs.


You probably already met QR codes on flight tickets, or on Budapest public transport tickets. They look like a square pattern put together from black and white smaller squares. Such a patter may hide textual information, personal data (like on a business card), an URL with sound or movie clip. The hidden message may be decoded by a camera and a QR reader software - available also on smart phones. In this course we set out to invent novel, exciting applications- both considering the medium, the graphical design and the purpose of the message.
Just a few ideas for making QRs
    - from paper: bag, serviette, shawl, ...
    - as jewelry: earring, buttons, belt ...
    - from textile: knitted shawl, embroidery, printed T-shirt, carpet or curtain telling a story.

But you may think of tattoo, cakes, embedding it into photos, paintings or graphical prints, ..
At the end of the course the inventions will be exhibited and demonstrated at MOME, and the public may vote for the best idea.


Monday:        presentation of the technology and examples and brainstorm to define own ideas (TSzM - ZSR)
Tuesday:       testing materials and designs (PZs-RZs)
Wednesday: working on realization (RZs)
Thursday:     working on realization (RZs)
Friday:          wrap up and DEMO at 12.00 (TSzM - PZs - RZs)


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the talk by Marta on Monday with all the links