2011. őszi félév
Interactive Project
The goal of the course is to design and develop interactive applications. The work will be carried out in small teams, where students can pic a topic based on their personal interest or from one of the following topics:
  • AR (augmented reality)
  • new motion sensored based applications (eg. Kinect)
  • loaction specific and mobile technologies
  • serious games
  • museum applications

Some projects will be designed in response to external partner's descriptions and will be developed under their supervision. Projects related to museum technology can join the team at the Digital Museum course. 

The realization of the projects will be carried out in collaboration with programmer students of the T@T Lab at the Faculty of Infomatics at the ELTE.

Best works will be rewarded with a scholarship in order to provide it an afterlife even after the course ends and give it a chance to be presented at a festival or meet real business interest.. 


Ruttkay Zsófia PhD, docent, e-mail: ruttkayATmome.hu



Friday 13.40-17.00

Location:    B213


Digital Media: Digital Museum
This is a shared course of the Institute of  Theoretical Studies and the Creative Media Lab.

Technology has greatly changed the habits and customs how people gain information and communicate with each other in the 21st century. The class is studying the possible benefits of digital media environments for cultural instutitues with special attention to museums. The focus is on how these institutes could channel their message to their audience with more efficiency and in a form of a new experiencce as well as inviting them into the stream of knowledgeshare. Throughout the course several examples of new applications will be introduced and students will have the chance to work on such developments for museums themselves. The seminar is practice focused and includes important work on location in collaboration with the museums in question.

 The realization of these applications will be carried out in teamwork with students of the Media Informatics and Technolgy Group at ELTE University's Faculty of Informatics


Main topics of the class are:

1. Museum of the 21st century.

2. Overview of new technical possibilities of cultural transmission.

3. Edutainment, Serious Gaming and social contentbuilding - new ways of knowledge sharing.

4. Projects of museum technolgy - international studies of cultural transmission.

5. Vising museums, gaining experience, consultation. Own project proposal, design and realisation in an interdisciplinary team - and in collaboration with other partners (museum experts, programmers).



The course "Digital media/communication III." is compulsory for all Media Management MA II. students, the interdisciplinary teamwork is open to all MOME and ELTE students.


Bényei Judit docent, e-mail: benyeijuATgmail.com                

Ruttkay Zsófia docent, e-mail: ruttkayATmome.hu  



Thursday 10.00-11.20AM


Location:   A206