In our Western life we are surrounded by technology, in the form of public cameras, small wearable chips, multifunctional mobile phones, GPS, different wireless connections (WiFi, RFID). Everybody and everything is connected, a load of authored and community-created information, data, image, video and sound is available on-line. The challenge is how to exploit these possibilities for novel applications and experiences, which are inviting, witty and playful, original and fascinating, and last but not least, improve life and people on an individual or societal basis. The invention of these kinds of applications of technology requires the creativity, societal sensitivity and aesthetic appeal of the applied artist. On the other hand, the technology makes entirely new genres – like responsive environments or games for change – and ways of participation possible for artists.


In the Creative Technology Lab we are exploring the novel possibilities on the intersection of art, science and technology. We offer knowledge and tools for the students and colleagues to extend their repertoire with the offer of today’s and tomorrow’s technology. Our expertise is in interactive computer graphics and visualization, image and sound processing, and physical computing using a wide range of sensors and communication protocols. Our activities are of three types, which are strongly interrelated:


  • education;
  • research;
  • practical projects and installations.


We are part of the Media Institute, but we also provide education for and seek cooperation with students and colleagues from other departments of MOME. Further, we are inviting colleagues from the arts, sciences and humanities from the country and abroad for multidisciplinary cooperation and projects - in line with our ideal of a Digital Renaissance.