Visualizing Krúdy

Krúdy's Szindbád 

The musicality of Gyula Krúdy's language is a commonplace. I would have liked to make it visible and researchable with interactive text visualization methods. While analysing the 50 journeys of Szinbád and visualizing the results I was looking for questions like the most common words, the phonetical and rythmical patterns, the presence of iambic inclination, the length of sentences and their role in the text.
The tonality of words in the works of Krúdy and Bródy.
The "pictures" sometimes depict rather unusual phenomena - for example the range of high and low, long or short vowels, which convince us in a second that the musicality of Krúdy's language can be contributed to the peculiar use of high-low and long-short syllables characteristic only to him. However, his texts are not homogeneous, the ranges depict different landscapes.
Musicality and rhythm
Musicality in Bródy's (upper 2) and Krúdy's (lower 2) stories.
These conclusions are interesting in themselves, sometimes are even of scientific importance although they haven't been born with the usual, extensive analytical methodology characteristic to philological publications. I think that the most significant result of my work is the method itself: the visualization programmes which can be used in an interactive way and which help astonishment, experimentation, raising questions and hypotheses. The visuals highlight the nature of the text, help to compare the formal patterns with the mood and content of the text.  My research can be developed in different ways regarding methodology and the corpus of the compared texts.
Zsófia Ruttkay
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest
MOME TechLab      
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