AVICOM FAIMP 2.0 Award - ColourMirror


The digital installation, ColourMirror made by MOME TechLab has won bronze award in the category Interactive Multimedia at  AVICOM FAIMP 2.0. The announcement about the award given by ICOM (International Council of Museums) was made at the MUZEUM@DIGIT conference. ColourMirror is an accompanying project to the exhibition In the Mood for Colours at the Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, developed by the Creative Technology Lab at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest.


The interactive installation is a fun way of matching up visitors’ own colour schemes with the spectacular colours of the exhibits. The digital ColourMirror reflects how colourfully visitors are dressed. The Mirror scans your clothes and produces the matching colour palette. Then it finds the object in the exhibition with the most similar colours, and assembles a picture that you can send to yourself. It also collates data from other visitors to produce visualizations showing the colours most typical of the public during a particular period, and who was the most colourful visitor.


Many questions find answers through the use of the ColourMirror. Can we detect a warm sunny day from the colour of people’s clothes? Is there a difference in the colour palettes of tall people (mainly men) and short people (women and children)? Will visitors start to dress more colourfully so as to match with interesting exhibits? Will the exhibition have a long-term effect on what colours people prefer to dress in? The exhibition can still be visited in the first half of 2017.


The creators: Zoltán Csík-Kovács, Gáspár Hajdu, Ágoston Nagy, Gábor Papp, Zsófia Ruttkay, Bence Samu