Home of Monsters


Home of Monsters

This interactive book for kids was written especially for tablets, to allow (or rather, require) the „reader” to influence the flow of the story. Three little monsters turn the house of a very tidy fairy a mess. The fairy cleans up all the time, but the monsters pop up again and again, destroying the order, unless the reader catches the monsters and sends them to their own homes. This requires manual as well as mental skills, as in the home of each monster some puzzle is to be solved. But even then, a suzrprise awaits, the story is not over.



This 2nd, consciously designed interactive book from TechLab differs from the previous one (Little Rooster and his Diamond Halfpenny on Google Play and at App Store in English) in several aspects:

  • it is not based an existing, linear story;
  • illustrations, now made on the computer, are in colour and with many details;
  • the text is in verse.

Because of the latter point, the app is only in Hungarian. But it is enough to know the above otlined goals to enjoy the search for the monsters and meet the challenges in their homes. So you may want to download it for free from Google Play and the App Store.

We welcome help with translating the poems to English or other languages.

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