CTL at the Mobility and Mutlimedia Cluster event:HiTechPub

The Creative Technology Lab was among the few invited guests at the HiTech Pub held on 14th December where a few fresh applications had the chance to introduce themselves. The event is organized periodically by the Mobility and Multimedia Cluster.

Zsofia Ruttkay and Juli Mata represented the lab and talked about the Rooftops at dawn, literative walk app introduced last September in front of a public of developers and interested parties.

 Other apps introduced were FRÖCCS (Splash) developed by Kitchen Budapest, informing pub-goers of the variety of wine-sparkling water combined drink; Koin, an app helping one manage their finances, specifically developed with a focus to the Hungarian market; Campus Duck, aiminig support the networking and outreach of student organizations; and Catmoon Productions, a company specialized in video game design.

Pictures taken at the event can be viewed at the Facebook page of the MMClaster.