Budapest 100

The two-day urban discovery game opened doors of many 100 years old houses for those interested in their hidden stories.



By reading the QR codes installed on the doors participants received questions about each house, which only could be answered if they entered and made contact with those living there. The final goal was to collect the most correct answers and by doing that playfully getting to know yet another side of the city.


The project originally emerged from a collaborative coursework between two universities: the MOME and the ELTE from a course titled Hidden Infomrations - QR codes. Now it's an independent initiatvie running with the support of the Contemporary Architecture Center (KEK) and is being organized again in 2012. For further information please click here, or visit the website of KEK.


Creators, participants:


 Anna Göttler, Linda Nagy

 Zsófi Ruttkay



Zsuzsanna Pluhár 

 Péter Simon