"Musea in the Digital Age"
The XIII International Festival for New Media Culture, Art+Communication Festival takes place in Riga, Lattvia 3-11November, where Zsofia Ruttkay, the head of Creative Media Lab will be a guest presenter.
Her talk will be introduced at the Liepaja University as part of the events of MP Art Research Lab called: iWeek. The focus of the presentation is the situation of museums and their potential responses in the rise and shinging of the digital age.

The permanent technological developments offer challenging new ways for transforming the static and building-centred image of the museum into something different, where interactive experience is central. By extending the experience of the traditional museum visit both on spot, in time  and geographically,  musea may reach new public, including the youth of the internet generation.  In the talk I give a panoramic view of how different digital technologies – QR, AR, locative games, RFID and other sensory technology -  may be used in musea, and serving what functions.  Besides some international examples, I will show  past and ongoing student projects carried out in a pilot course at the Moholy-Nagy University where students in interdisciplinary teams design innovative applications for musea in Budapest.  

The presentation can be seen on-line at the link below: