MOMELTE Serious Game Design

The MOME CTL and the ELTE T@T lab have joint forces to announce a common challenge for students on the field of Serious Game design this fall.


The task is:

Interactive application design for mobile and other communication devices.


The goal is:

The digitalization of the environment in order to enrich and extend the user experience.


The topic is:

Open: from the habitat to culture-transmition the spectrum is wide. 

The focus is on the city, on location specific games, museum technology and visitors' experience, alternative learning and information channels. 


The challenge is seirous:

The work and the evaluation both are under the supervision of potential customers, therefore apart from delivering concepts, in order to show the idea in work prototypes are expected to be developed and presented.



The essene of the collaboration is:

To form interdisciplinary groups where:

- the core idea can come from either sides, but

- the aesthetics of the solution are to be designed by MOME students, while

- the technical problems are to be answered by ELTE students.


Two CTL courses are releated to the call in the semester: the Digital Museum and the Interactive Project, but the participation is open to any student at the MOME. You can apply both individually or in teams.


To get started, visit the project's website. You can instantly announce your idea here, or have the possibility to join in with the realization of others' . 


The most successful projects will be rewarded by a scholarship and will be displayed. 




More information about how to participate at: HTTP://TET.INF.ELTE.HU/MOMELTE/


If you have any questions please contact the director of the lab: Ruttkay Zsófiát at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it e-mail.