Portfolio, web-presence | Emese Góg, Gabriella Rónay

MOME, 2010/11 academic year, I. semester

Name of the course: Portfolio, web-presence | Course code: not available

Lecturers: Emese Góg , Gabriella Rónay 

Date: course week: 25-29. october | Room: not available

Class: BA I. - optional course

Credit: 2



The main topic of the course is showing of the opportunities of web -presences. The aim of the course is making personal web accounts (web site, blog, video sharing services) with individual design.

The 3 interfaces:

  • website (wix.com -flash based)
  • blog (.tumblr, blogspot, wordpress)
  • videoshared services (vimeo, youtube, videa)

The students will receive homework everyday.


Task is to

Individual design their own development and constantly updated web presence.



  • classroom activity, homework completed in time:  60%
  • image design 40%