The Creative Technology Lab is part of the Media Institute at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. The Lab, however collaborates with other colleagues and students of different departments and faculties as well, depending on the nature and subject of the comissioned project.


Zsófia Ruttkay
PhD, associate professor, head of the Lab
Zsófia Ruttkay is Associate Professor at MOME Media Institute, and founder and Head of the Creative Technology Lab. She has an MA in applied mathematics and PhD in Computer Graphics. She has spent over 25 years in academic research and university education, of which two decades in the Netherlands. She has been interested in the application of computing technology for novel interfaces.

Dániel Karasz
sw engineer
Daniel Karasz is a programmer, IT engineer with years of experience developing applications and game development for tablets.

Anikó Nagy
project manager (2018  spring)
Student (MSc) in Design and Arts Management at MOME.
Museum educator at the Hungarian Museum of Transport.

TechLab Fellows“:

The teams of TechLab projects form from current and former MOME students, colleagues and partners. The title ‘TechLab Fellow’ is used for those long-term partners whose creativity and experience guarantees that we get unique, witty and high-quality answers for upcoming challanges.

Zoltán Csík-Kovács
Interdisciplinary designer. Graduated as visual communication designer at MOME, currently collaborates with MOME Creative Technology Lab on various interactive projects. Currently works at XORXOR, previously at BME-Infokom, OS Kantine, Kitchen Budapest and Szövetség ’39.

Gáspár Hajdú

Architect on the field of art and tech.

Ágoston Nagy
DLA, lecturer

Gábor Papp
Programmer, his main field of interests are real-time graphics installations and interactive theatre projections.

Samu Bence,
MA, assistant professor

Former staff of Labor:

Klára Berczi
project manager
Klári takes part in the PR activities of the Lab and does management tasks in the ongoing projects.

Szvetlana Juhász D.
project manager

Zsófi Laszlovszky
DLA student – Multimedia-art studies
graphic designer

Réka Majsai
project manager 2014. dec- 2015. márc.

Maria Gyarmati
Media artist
Graduated at the St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and TV, Department of Interactive art in 2012 as a Director of multimedia programs.  Works at MOME Creative Technology Lab as a resident, working on various interactive projects.

Juli Mata
Msc, designer, projekt manager

Julia Mata is a designer and project manager mainly interested is collaborative creation and human-machine interaction. She has a background in communication, holds an Msc in industrial Design Engineering, and spent 2 years studying product-service-system design at Politecnico di Milano. She has gained experience in project management across various countries and research topics, focusing mostly on co-design development of interaction with product-systems and environments.

Blanka Radnóti
MA, graphic designer
Blanka Radnoti graduated at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design of Budapest in 2009 as a graphic designer and illustrator. She works at MOME Creative Technology Lab as a graphic designer. She is specialized in children’s flash game designer.

Sárközi Zsolt
Film-Media studies
Project manager

Barbara Szepesi Szűcs
MA, graphic designer
Barbara graduated as a graphic designer and illustrator at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design of Budapest. She worked at MOME Creative Technology Lab as a graphic designer. She is specialized in childrens’ book illustration.

Students of MOME:

Johanna Altorjay

From autumn 2014, her tasks include organising techtea programmes and looking after foreign guests.
Art and design management MA I.

Lóczi Henrietta

From autumn 2014, she participates in communication-related tasks of the laboratory and produces online content.
Art and design management MA I.

Barbara Losoncz

Manja Lekic
BA, graphic designer
Currently enrolled at the Animation MA, MOME.

Jelena Viskovic
Photo BA III.
Vasarely project

Judit Orosz
Animation BA I.
Project: Interactive Weöres Book

Tamás Páll
Photo BA III.
Vasarely project

Róbert Sárosi
Museum of Fine Arts project


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