Visits by King Matthias

On an interactive map one can trace the trips of King Matthias and of his wife Beatrice of Aragon. The places they visited were identified with the help of historic documents (warrants and chronicles). The data, taken from a scientific monograph (Richard Horváth: Itineraria regis Matthiae Corvini et reginae Beatricis de Aragonia (1458– [1476]–1490) Budapest, 2011) was shown on an interactive map, where clicking on a visited place, the reference and the explanation from the book may be read.  Further, the image of the referenced document – if available – may be reached via a few click, from the online database of the Hungarian National Archive, or the Hungaricana public collections portal.

The main goal with this application is to support teaching history (especially of politics and wars) in secondary schools,  making learning an intriguing experience.

This type of visualization of historic data is not only valuable for researchers and teachers, but allows the citizens all over the Carpathian basin to check if – and when – King Matthias paid a visit to their dwelling.

The creators plan to create similar interactive visualization for other monarchs like Sigmund of Luxembourg or John Hunyadi.

Concept: György Rácz

Content: Richárd Horváth

Realisation: Zsófia Ruttkay, Dániel Karasz, with assistance by Dániel Ézsiás and Zoltán Szatucsek.