Interactive applications at the permanent exhibition of the Hungarian National Museum

In the permanent exhibition of the Hungarian National Museum from March 2018, two interactive player applications (March in 15 Steps,
Get-together in Pilvax – News from 1848) awaits the visitors, which were selected by the Museum from the suggestions made during the Digital Museum course in the 2017 Autumn semester.

The installation of the two applications has a yellow color and a modern shape that emphasizes the nature of the intervention and the interior of the exhibition.

Video on our YouTube channel: here.


March in 15 Steps

March in 15 Steps is a single-player game on a touch-screen. The player discovers the revolutionary events in the capital on 15th March 1848. On a contemporary map major buildings are indicated by characteristic drawings. The events of the day are attached to buildings, squares and streets shown on the map. When visiting a location, the player must answer a question about the event, details of contemporary life and famous personages. In this was the player can re-live the events of the day by the hours.

Concept, content: Anikó Nagy (MOME- DMM MA I.)

Graphic design: Attila Kántor (HNM)

Programming: Dániel Karasz (MOME TechLab)


Get-together in Pilvax – News from 1848

Figures in a contemporary coffee shop “read” different journal, thus represent different topics such as politics, social life, fashion, finances, sales. When the museum visitors clicks on one of the coffee shop guests, a display of contemporary journals appear, with corresponding content. The visitor may browse the scanned version of the original papers with the relevant news items.

Concept, content: Krisztina Rajkó (Industrial Design MA II.),

Graphic design: Gergely Krizbai (external)

Programming: Dániel Karasz (MOME TechLab)