Historical walk in the Museum Garden with a smart phone

The Museum Garden was the favourite park for the citizens of the capital through history. In Spring 2018 a major reconstruction started. The MUZU mobile app was conceived to draw attention to the old – new garden, by inviting the visitor for a strall. The GPS-based locative walk is available by downloading the free MUZI walk offered in the framework. (The demo version is available by entering dimu17 as password.

One passes by 13 statins (POIs), offering special view of the building, the earlier sight of the garen and its statues, or recalling daily scenes or special historic events. In this way, by relying on historic photographs provided by the museum, the history of the garden evolves from different viewpoints: daily life, storms of the history or the re-arrangements of the garden itself.

The app can be used on any mobile device and made in the frame of the MOME Digital Museum 2016/17 course, in cooperation with the Hungarian National Museum.

The application was designed and made by Móra Gere and Áron Vásárhelyi (MOME students) on the course of the MOME Digital Museum of Spring 2017 in MOME.

Contents: Béla Debreczeni-Droppán (MNM)

Teachers: Judit Bényei, Zsófia Ruttkay, Béla Hegyi, Bertalan Forstner.