Arany200 – Emoji, trial of Strength

The Petőfi Literary Museum in Budapest  in 2017 organized the exhibition  “Selfportrai with Masks” to commemorate the 19th century Hungarian poet János Arany. In addition, a smaller and particularly education mobile exhibition, the “Arany bus”  was travelling around in the countryside. We designed two playful interactive installations, addressing the younger visitors, which made part of both exhibitions.


On a large touch-screen the visitor may define a series of 6 emotions, by choosing from a set of emojis, the facial expression representation of emotions commonly  used in current online communication. The program generated a 6-line poem, by selecting from the ouvre of Arany lines with the requested emotional content.The outcome is presented in the  acoustic and visual style of contemporary raps.

Video on our YouTube channel: here.


In the game the visitor explores the path of Toldi, the famous hero in a well-known epic poem by Arany. At each station, he/she is invited to match his/her physical strength and skills against  those of Toldi. While the tasks differ, the visitor uses a physical device to express pressure or give impetus to a stone thrown. The physical device gets calibrated, thus serving young children and strong adults alike. The actual task and the effect of the force by the user are depicted in animated screens. If the user pass a test, the lines from the epic by Arany appear too.



Concept: Bence Samu

Animation and graphic desig: Dániel Huszár

EMOJI sound design: Ágoston Nagy

Project leader: Zsófia Ruttkay