Repository of Relaxing Games

produced for Deliverable 5.2.2
by WP5 of the TERENCE project

Authors: Mariann Máray, Blanka Radnóti, Dániel Karasz,Zsófia Ruttkay (MOME),   contact:                         Date: 1.2.2013

The task

From the revised DoW (26.6.2012), the description of D5.2.2 is :  „ Second release of repository of relaxing games; M26; Prototype; MOME: The deliverable will contain the
second release of the relaxing games, possibly revised in light of the small-scale evaluation.”


The repository was ready well on time, and made available for partners for integration on 2012.11.23

Format of the current online repository

The relaxing game files with source code were sent to WP6 partners for integration. Below we provide a playable version for each game.

Summary of revisions  for Release 2

The revision of the relaxing games were minor, and of 3 types:

- change of size for all games, due to new specs for Release 2;

- technical modifications for integration (e.g. count down variable, navigation mechanism)

- changes as reaction to feedback from small scale evaluation, including manipulation  (e.g. bigger grab region for grasping tools,  thicker labyrinth pathes) and cognitive task (e.g. tools do not appear in rotated form, which caused confusion).

A technical description of the modifications per game may be read here.

There was a problem with speed and precision  of  gesture recognition on the tab device used for testing, as reported in the sw evaluations. WP5 made thorough testing and review of state of the art of the problem, and concluded that it is inherent in the hw and wrapping sw, and could not be dealt with in the code for the relaxing games. This was clarified in e-mails to partners.

Revised  Relaxing Games

1. - Catch the points
2. - Diamonds
3. - Labyrinth
4. - Memory game
5. - Save the monkeys
6. - Slice the fruits
7. - Spot the diference
8. - Tools