Zsófia Ruttkay

Associate Professor, PhD

Head of Creative Technology Lab
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest

CV Publications


  • e-mail:
  • office: B210
  • address: 1121 Budapest, Zugligeti út 9-25. Hungary
  • contact hours: Monday 13.00-14.00. For a meeting, please send a mail.

Current courses at MOME - Fall 2012

  • Interactive Book
    Design and develop own interactive book
    Wednesday, 16.40- 18.00 B101
  • Data Visualization Programming
    - learn programming (Processing) basics and develop own data visualization project
    Wednesday, 15.10- 16.30 B101
  • Digital Museum - together with Judit Bényei
    invent and develop projects for musea in Budapest, with programming contribution by BME ICT students
    Friday, 10.00- 12.50 A/205

Past courses at MOME

  • Generative Graphics, together with Dóra Balla, Spring 2012
  • Software Art MD I course, Fall 2011
  • Interactive Projects Fall 2011
  • Game Design - together with Béla Hegyi Fall 2011
  • Digital museum - together with Judit Bényei Fall 2011
  • QR - Hidden informations with QR
    special project course, 2011 Spring Course Week
  • Online Urban Games
    develop urban games together with ELTE programmers, 2011 Spring
  • QR - Hidden informations with QR
    2011 Spring special project course
  • Book after Print - together with Agoston Nagy and Bence Samu
    design and implement augmented book, 2011 Spring Course Week
  • CharToon - A Japanese-Hungarian research project
    4 weeks on TUESDAY and FRIDAY from 2010. 9. February, starting at 13.40 in room B101,
    then project work consultancy by appointment
    then project work consultancy by arrangement
  • pesthakz project course
    starting at 10.00 in room B101 on 18 March,
    then project work consultancy by arrangement
  • Visual Mathematics - Science and Technology for Designers STD1 - Fall 2009
  • Algorithms for Designers - Science and Technology for Designers STD2 - Fall 2009
  • Codes of Nature One-week workshop Spring 2009

Downloads for MOME students