Urban Games

More and more people live with devices that provide continuous access to the internet. Information is requested, textual and visual impressions are shared and followed in every moment - documenting the daily life of cities.

A response to this phenomena are the rise of urban games: typically multi-player games taking place on the streets of a city. Building on the need of sharing and a thirst for knowledge they exploit the new internet technologies at hand.

Narratives are created based on the position of the player or the changing of it, or in the case of linear narratives the game unfolds by information only to be retrieved at precise locations.

Urban games, apart from being impressive and entertaining also to serve a purpose: this stretches from the discovery of local history and hidden treasures of the town to the ideas of making daily human relationships better.


The Lab is focusing on current technologies in use, their implementation and adaptability to versatile cultural content. We also dedicate time to the study and integration of novelties already present on the market.


Within the game reseach process the Lab does:

  • reserach and game proposal
  • conceptual development
  • content development,
  • graphic desgin
  • possibly 3D solutions.


Talking Monuments Eger

Locative walk in Eger by PocketGuide, Gyula Forster National Centre for Cultural Heritage Management and MOME TechLab for smart phone, based on the unique architectural environment of the town and on local stories and anecdotes.

This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.

The application will be available at the end of May.



Rooftops at Dawn - Literative walk

The literature based interactive walk is created out of thenovel titled Rooftops at Dawn written by the celebrated Hungarian author, Géza Ottlik. The experience guides the user through the city as the plot unfolds on locations where it actually takes place. In between parts of the story collection of archive videos, photographs, articles presented in theme based multimedia galleries help evoke the era.




Budapest 100

The two-day urban discovery game opened doors of many 100 years old houses for those interested in their hidden stories.