Digital Judaism
The presentations of the projects made on the Museum of the Future in the Visegrad Countries course of Moholy-Nagy Univesity of Art and Design, Budapest for the Hungarian Jewish Archives took place on Wednesday, June 1st.
1.  Garden of the Torah
Flóra Kocsis (design manager MA1) , Dorottya Tibori (product design BA2) , Barbara Frank (poems)
2.  Rimon puzzle 
Máté Kudar (architect, BA2)
3. Evoking the Past in the Rumbach Synagogue
Ákos Zajzon (metal design BA2) - Levente Hajdú (media design) - Ádám Krasz (media design BA2)
4. Playguide 
Tamás Deme (product design BA3)
5. The Diary of Éva Weinmann 
Emese Orbán (metal design BA2) - Andrea Csuport (graphic design MA2) - Zita Schnabel (media design MA2) - Tamás Tóth (BME - IT)
Docents: Judit Bényei (MOME), Zsófia Ruttkay (MOME), Bertalan Forstner (BME/ AMORG)
Mentors from the museum:  Zsuzsa Toronyi, Vera Dancz, István Darvas, Zsófia Farkas
The course „Museum of the Future in the Visegrad Countries” is supported by VUSG 61200017 grant.