Preparing for Saturday

The projected short animation which appears on a tabletop tells the story of a traditional sabbath ceremony. The visitors can recognise the friday dinner of a five-membered family and their guest.

The stylized drawings present the conventional items, equipments and actions from the initial candle lighting trough blessings to the dinner. The Jewish traditional text which sounds up during dinner becomes readable in Hungarian and English also. 

Picking up the Pieces - Fragments of Rural Hungarian Jewish Culture - 30 October 2014. - 31 May 2015., Budapest, Museum of Ethnography.



If there are enough participants near the table, they can investigate the states of a jewish sabbath ceremony. With this gesture those visitors who are already engaged by the installation can involve other people into the experience who came along to the exhibition. The language of digital museology can bring up closer relationships between the important parts of  Jewish tradition and younger generation.

The creators  of MOME Creative Technology Lab are ignoring the rules of conventional information displays when they are using the table and the plates themselves as a projection screen and combine the virtual with the real space. The texts creeping around and appearing on the table, the glasses filling up with wine and the many other things in the animation are  brought to life by the presence of the visitors.

The short animation doesn’t want to reproduce every part of the real dinner, it rather simplifies the design and the process in order for easier understanding. Visitors can discover the sabbath dinner through reduced language of infographics.

The arrangement of the installation gives an intimacy to a situation in which only six people can participate at the same time, they can start a conversation and listen to each other while they are watching the the animated sequence.  On the other hand it is necessary to invite visitors together, minimum of three people are needed to start the animation. because if there are not enough people near the table or  if someone left the dinner, than the ritual and the animation is stopping.

The movement of the visitors is observed by a Kinect and a custom made program that leads the animation depends on the number and place of visitors.



Concept: Nagy Ágoston és Samu Bence
Animation and graphic desig: Huszár Dániel
Texts: Sedlmayr Krisztina
Dramaturgy, playreader: Bata Tímea, Sedlmayr Krisztina
Translation: Bányai Viktória, Komoróczy Szonja Ráhel
Music: Pálóczy Krisztina
Project leader: Ruttkay Zsófia