WEÖRES100 - Words stirred




WEÖRES100 exhibition at PIM  (19.06.2013. - 01.06.2014.)


At Weöres 100 - Words stirred exhibition of Petőfi Literary Museum, visitors may experience poetry in a new way, by 11 playful, interactive installations.









Welcome wall

The word-plays come to life from the poem „Words stirred ”. The jumping, flying, somersaulting ‘word-beings’ invite the visitor to the exhibition.



The trips made by the poet get recalled on the world map, by exploring photos, poems and documents related to a visited place.



The visitor may craft new poems, by stitching together the 16 words the poet used in his „Crossstitch”.


  Tangible poems

One can sense the length and height of the syllable of the lines of the poems, by taking into hand the 3d cylinders.


  Tap the verse

The visitor is challenged  to tap the rhythm of the verses show on the display. If succeeded, yet more difficult ones   come.


  Fruit poems

Taking them into hands, the apples, the pear, the grape and the berries of the haw tell a poem in which the fruit gets mentioned.



  Poems drawn

The visitor may experience how the lines flow out from the pen of the poet. While drawing the lines, we hear the words of the poem.


      Blown thoughts

Take a deep breath, and blow the thoughts of the poet o the dandelion. Dancing letters emerge on the screen, which settle,  eventually, to the lines of  a poem.


  Patch the poem

In this installation words get to life,  and we can hold light in our palm. Find and catch the wondering words, and move to their place.



In this interactive information visualization installation, 80 poems may be explored, representing the universe of the poet’s oeuvre. One can select 2 put of 19 aspects, and see how the poems get rearranged.



  Whispering wall

Hidden behind the colourful drawings made by Weöres,  the poems may be heard if the visitor approaches.


 You can find more information about the exhibition in our printable flyer.





Welcome wall: Sárosi Róbert, Orosz Judit, Debreczeni Zoltán
Travels: Karasz Dániel, Samu Bence, Hegyi Katalin
Fruit poems: Nagy Ágoston, Keresztúry Kata, Bálint Sára
Whispering wall: Nagy Ágoston
Tangible poems: Sárosi Róbert
Tap the verse: Sárosi Róbert, Imre Gábor
Cross-stich: Ruttkay Zsófia
Blown thoughts : Samu Bence
Patch the poem: Samu Bence
Poems drawn: Nagy Ágoston
Galaxy: Cziner Máté, Szűcs Krisztina, Ruttkay Zsófia, Bartal Mára

Literary expert: Bartal Mária

Project manager: Ruttkay Zsófia

Werk film: Zsolt Sárközi 

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest,
Creative Technology Lab  2013.